The way to a child’s heart….

Are you bored with your cereals every morning? Hungry and craving for something new? Maybe 3D printing technology can provide you a breakfast you have never thought of before: printed pancakes! Check out this video to get amazed by this new form of haute-cuisine.

They seem pretty tasty don’t they?

What this means for education? Well, as the way to a child’s heart often goes through their stomach, wouldn’t this be the best way to interest them for new technologies? Can we serve printed pancakes for lunch at school? I will look out for restaurants that sell the first printed pancakes that you can design yourself. Imagine eating a elephant pancake or a pancake printed like the empire state building?

It might take a while before I can see this dream come true but no worries. In the meantime we can eat pancakes in the shape of …. a pancake. Also pretty delicious!


Picture by Kurman